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Pocket Pussy Stroker with 2 Ends for Blow Job.
Pocket Pussy Stroker with 2 Ends for Blow Job.
Pocket Pussy Stroker with 2 Ends for Blow Job.
Pocket Pussy Stroker with 2 Ends for Blow Job.

Maria - Pocket Pussy Stroker Doubled-Sided for Maximum Personal Pleasure

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Are you looking for a masturbator with vagina and oral? Yes, it is Maria, it’s a compact double-headed impactor.

With a strong internal texture (simulating the veins of a human vagina, you can choose between her vagina entrance and oral entrance,It is recommended to add more lubricating oil before insertion to enjoy greater stimulation.

2 Ends Sexual Pleasure

This seductive girl has luscious lips, soft teeth, and pliable tongue, which will lick your glans and bite your penis. Your cock is wrapped in her mouth, just like being in oral sex with a real girl! The other end of this male masturbator is her sexy labia and tight pussy, insert your big cock, moisten her pussy, which gives you ultimate sexual experience.

Realistic 3D Internal Textured Tunnel

This masturbator cup has a lifelike 3D internal structure, from long lines on the upper jaw, thin lines on the throat, small particles in the deep to large particles in the vagina, which like the real body organs of your beloved girl. Each texture of her gives you a different stimulation and real blow job experience.

Superior and Body-safe Material

Adorime male masturbator is made of soft medecial TPR material, which has healthy brown skin like a girl who loves sports. Its teeth are made of firm TPE material, which is pliable and tough, just like her real teeth.

Easy to Use and Clean

The material of this perfect masturbator is so soft, you can add a little water-based lubricate before use, which will help you better enter her body. After each use, please wash it with warm water and soap, air dry.

Suitable Size

With a cylindrical size, it is convenient to hold and suitable for most penis' sizes. She has a realistic face, a tight pussy and the befitting length of vagina, whether at home or traveling, you feel like you're always being accompanied, which can satisfy your sexual desire.