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Best Penis Head Vibrators for Glorious Glans Orgasms

Jan 16, 2024

Jordan Zhou

Penis Head Vibrators VS Other Types of Penis Vibrators

Ready to spice up your toy collection? While we're focusing on penis head vibrators in this review, let's not forget about the other male vibrators available! Don't limit yourself to just one type of toy - who knows, you might just find something new and exciting to try!

Masturbators – These toys encompass more of your penis length. You are generally able to slide your full cock inside them, and they stimulate you in a variety of ways. It might be through textures, or it might be through vibrations with vibrating masturbators. Either way, masturbators are a fun and effective addition to your bedroom arsenal.

Cock rings – If you want something tight as well as pleasurable, vibrating cock rings are a great option. Sitting at the base of your penis, it helps you get harder erections and assists you in maintaining them for longer. And they vibrate, which pleases both you AND your partner! That’s just the icing on the cake!

Ball vibrators – Ball vibrators focus on pleasing the testicles. We all know how sensitive the testicles are, and it stands to reason that they really love to be stimulated too. That’s where ball vibrators come in, buzzing and rumbling that sensitive sack to really enhance your naughty times until you can’t hold back the orgasm any longer!

Introducing penis head vibrators, also known as glans massagers - a unique type of vibrator specifically designed to lavish attention on the tip of the penis. Delightfully sensitive nerve endings await!

Experience a variety of sensations on and around the glans, corona (the junction of the glans and shaft), and frenulum (the tissue connecting the glans to the shaft on the underside of the penis).

These penis head vibrators are perfect for those who love this type of pleasure. Let's dive right in!

What is the Frenulum and How do I Stimulate it?

You may have come across the frenulum before. More and more penile sex toys are boasting their ability to stimulate this elusive area, but what exactly is it and why is it the talk of the town?

What is the frenulum?

What is the frenulum?

The frenulum is where the foreskin meets the underside of the penis. It usually has a V shape and resembles a tiny rubber band. Even if you're circumcised, a portion of the frenulum typically remains.

The frenulum is as sensitive as the clitoris, so it responds well to different types of stimulation.

How do you stimulate the frenulum?

How do you stimulate the frenulum?

Be gentle when exploring the frenulum - it's quite sensitive! Start with a light touch and use your fingertip to gauge the sensations. And don't forget to use plenty of lubricant for the ultimate experience!

When using a penis head vibrator, begin with the lowest setting and slowly increase the intensity. You may discover that the head of the penis responds better to lower levels of stimulation compared to the shaft.

How to Use a Penis Head Vibrator

Discover the ultimate pleasure by taking your time and getting to know the mind-blowing experience of using a penis head vibrator. Explore the following key steps for maximum enjoyment with your glans massager.

Excessive lubricant

Excessive lubricant

The glans penis and frenulum are highly sensitive, so using plenty of lubricant is crucial. Too much friction on the frenulum can lead to damage or breakage, which is not ideal.

If this will be your initial attempt at using a penis head vibrator, we suggest being cautious and applying a bit more lubricant than you normally would.

Slow and steady

Slow and steady

You may notice that the head of the penis is quite sensitive, so you probably won't need as much stimulation to get the desired effect.

Begin by setting the glans vibrator on its lowest vibration and gradually increase the intensity to your desired level.

If you have a vibrating penis head massager that allows for full-length stroking, try concentrating on the shaft for a bit to extend the pleasure.

For those with a toy focused on tip stimulation, experimenting with different levels of intensity can help prolong the inevitable finale.

Clean up

Clean up

After using any sex toy it is important to thoroughly clean it ready for next time. This prevents bacteria from building up and keeps the toy sanitary.

Using warm water and toy cleaner is a quick and efficient way to keep your new toy in hygienic working order.

Read on for more help with cleaning a penis head vibrator.

How to Clean a Penis Head Vibrator

Cleaning a penis head vibrator is similar to cleaning a traditional stroker. The main area requiring cleaning will be the inner sleeve. Use warm water and soap, or a toy cleaner, and wash the sleeve thoroughly. As your vibrator will contain electrical components take extra care to avoid getting these areas wet if the product is not labelled as waterproof or water resistant. Ensure the toy is completely dry before storing. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions to be safe.