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How to Become a Adorime Sex Toy Tester – the Freelance Side Hustle of Your Dreams

We are Adorime, a premier adult toy manufacturer where we discuss anything and everything related to sex to help not only individuals but also couples. In addition to testing out the latest toys ourselves, we also want to hear from a broad spectrum of people as well! We are looking for people willing try our products and to review on social media such as YouTube, Reddit and Twitter. You're invited to join our testers project, whether you're an experienced sex toy user or a newbie, because we value your honest feedback. Sharing your experience will introduce followers to new adult products and inspirations with adult toys.

Why Sign Up to be a Adorime Tester?

For starters, it's totally free! Signing up to be an official Adorime comes with many perks. We send out sex toy to those who are passionate about exploring their sensual side and sharing their experiences with others.

By posting reviews on your own website, blog, or YouTube channel you can earn compensation per post. Also, Adorime willing to give you your own referral link to get commissions from the orders you bring in. As a freelance sex writer who is well-known for honest reviews, you can also make great side money without attaching yourself to a specific brand or product.
Can I Be a Sex Toy Tester?

There are more skills required to become a professional sex toy tester than you may realize. The first, and most important, skill is the ability to communicate your experiences with these toys to those reading or watching your reviews. You need to be able to give in-depth information about the toy itself, how it works, and what it was like to use. Just saying it was fun and felt good isn't enough. You'll need to focus on all the details, such as materials used, texture, design, any distinctive features, and most important your feelings and experiences with them.

You also need to be somewhat adventurous when it comes to bedroom activities. The more willing you are to experiment with new and exciting toys with your followers, the more interactive you will get. When necessary, video showing the whole process of using the product is also extremely exciting and can be used on your main seller page as well as Pornhub, Reddit, etc.


If you are interested in becoming an Adorime Brand Representative, please follow the steps below to apply:
1. Please send us email to
2. Please give us 1-2 social/promotional methods that you think is best for you and we will review.
Based upon the information you provide we will generate a list of Adorime Adult Toys we would like you to test and review for us. 

Contact us: