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The original intention of Adorime came from concerns about the chaotic sex toys market.

We want to make high-quality and realistic sex toys to allow our customers to reduce the risk of purchase and have a pleasurable experience.

Therefore, through the control of product raw materials and manufacturing, we ensure that a safe and reliable product can reach our customers.

We believe that our customers deserve better products and more pleasant services.

In order to prevent vicious competition from other manufacturers, We keep the important information of our Chinese manufacturers confidential.

If you need to view the full file, you can contact Adorime customer service for more information.



The FDA has a huge influence around the world and is known as the patron saint of American health.

Foods, medicines, cosmetics, and medical devices certified by the FDA are safe and effective for the human body.

Adorime's products have official FDA certification.

So, every product you buy on Adorime will be guaranteed safety and quality.



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The mosaic content in the picture is the company's private information.

MSDS is a chemical safety data sheet.

It is a comprehensive legal document on chemical characteristics,

provided by chemical production or sales enterprises to customers according to legal requirements, including physical and chemical parameters, explosive properties, health hazards, safe use and storage, and sixteen items, including relevant laws and regulations.

Through this MSDS report for Adorime, you can quickly and extensively learn about the key safety data related to our products.



The New York Times is a daily newspaper based in New York City.

You can browse the story of Adorime's star product at NYTIME

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On our official website and social media site Reddit, we have also received many loyal customers' five-star praise. 98% of customers give positive feedback.

The reason why Adorime has received these praises is that our professional customer service team adheres to the concept of customer-centricity, feedbacks the ideas and suggestions of every customer, and tries their best to meet the needs of customers.

You can also join our Reddit group to see more wonderful comment posts.

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Guaranteed After-sales Service

We provide you with guaranteed after-sales service.

Every comment you make will be answered, and every call you make will get feedback.

From the stage of purchasing, ordering, shipping, to receiving, we will answer any of your questions throughout the process.

Adorime's Tagline

You Deserve Better!

We sincerely believe that you deserve better products, better services, and better sex experiences.

Adorime will always listen to your voice and provide you with a more satisfying Adorime journey.

Please enjoy the gift you are born with.

Welcome to a world self-acceptance, become one of us!

Here, self-pleasure thrives, untouched by judgment’s weight.

Unleash your fire of untamed fantasies.

Open up, seize the moment, and let Adorime be your side.

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