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Do Female Condoms Provide the Same Outcomes As Male Condoms?

Oct 09, 2021


Female condoms were designed for women who want to avoid the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Birth control pills work by suppressing the female sexual response to sex and paves the way for regular, safe, and effective pregnancy. This, of course, is great news for women seeking out protection against sexually transmitted diseases. But female condoms offer so many benefits that they are catching on even with women who are hesitant to use other forms of birth control.

female condoms


The female condom functions just like a male condom - it prevents pregnancy, STD's and other infections. The female condom is usually around 75% to 83% effective with regular use. When used properly, all the time, female condoms can be almost 95% effective.

Female condoms work in much the same way as male condoms. The difference between the two lies in the design of the condom itself. A thin, flexible ring is inserted into the vagina, just as you would an adult diaper. The ring is then covered with a non-latex barrier, such as rubber. (Ribbon, the stretchable plastic strip that serves as a ring in plastic toys, is also a popular barrier.)

The flexibility of the ring allows women to be free to engage in sexual activity at will, so long as she has access to emergency contraception. This type of birth control is often the first resort for those who have gotten pregnant through rape or otherwise. Because women are able to use emergency contraception with a simple ring, they no longer need to worry about being unable to get pregnant.

Female condoms work just as well as male ones when it comes to preventing pregnancy. And since female condoms work perfectly in the vagina, there is no chance of leakage. There is only one potential problem, and that is if a woman uses a condom that is too thin. The latex condom that is used most often is not thick enough to ensure a perfect fit. Using one that is too thin can result in an air-filled experience that can encourage bacteria growth.

Female condoms work with barrier methods just as well as male condoms. The difference lies in how they work. Male condoms function with the use of a lubricant, usually oil, that is applied to the tip of the condom. This helps ensure that sperm does not escape from the condom. This prevents conception, but does nothing to decrease the chances of having an abortion. With the female condom, the barrier method is used to prevent pregnancy, while ensuring that the spermicide inside is killed off.

In addition to their efficacy in preventing pregnancies and the transmission of STDs, female condoms can also help women achieve an orgasm each time they have intercourse. It has long been known that women who orgasms during sexual intercourse are more likely to conceive. However, some women need a little more stimulation than others. Female condoms offer the perfect solution to this problem. They come in various shapes, sizes and styles to fit all types of g-strings and vagina.

The best female condoms do not require lubrication at all. One example of this type is the FC2 female condom, which was designed by a company based in the United States. This female condom does not require any lubes, oils or creams to ensure that it works. Instead, the polyurethane coating on the surface of the condom acts like a wick. It ensures that the spermicide inside stays outside of the vagina.