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Jul 26, 2023

Yuqin Hu

When it comes to sex toys, you may have reservations. Why complicate things? What's wrong with the penis -- isn't that enough? What happened to my penis? ! Well, maybe we don't know enough about you to answer all of these questions. We can assume that you and your penis are perfectly capable of getting her off. But there is something to be said about getting out of your comfort zone and exploring the limits of your pleasure. Complicating things doesn't have to be that complicated. However, it can give you some heartbreaking, nerve-tingling, out-of-control orgasms.

And sex toys aren't just for women. “It's not just about befriending her on a vibrator, so if you don't get her to orgasm, you have backup,” says a body language and relationship expert. (And we've also launched a new line of male sex toys designed to maximize male performance.) “Toys help solve an age-old problem that comes with sleeping with the same guy over and over again: boredom!”

Sex toys offer all the novelty, adventure, and perversion your sex life has been missing, without the risk of jeopardizing your relationship—which can happen quickly if you try to spice it up with things like threesomes.

In case you haven't noticed, the entertainment industry is a thriving industry that isn't likely to lose steam anytime soon. So there's a sex toy for every man, whether you're conservative and trying to dip your toes in the pool, or going all out and swimming in deep water.

Discover how these devices can heighten your preferred sexual positions.



How to do it: The receiver should assume a four-point stance while the giver kneels behind them, either with an erect or slightly bent-over posture (resembling a canine amid intercourse).

Why: This sexual position facilitates highly penetrative intercourse and G-spot stimulation.

Tips: Men love doggie style. It’s the position that gives you the deepest penetration, the most control, and a great view. But, more often than not, this position fails to get women off because you’re not stimulating her clitoris. To make sex more satisfying for both of you, try this:

Wear a penis ring and hold a medium-sized vibrator on her clitoris —A penis ring is simply a firm ring you slide around the base of your penis to keep an erection strong and firm. Some adjust with a toggle, others look like small rubber rings, but all work to stimulate her clitoris during penetration. Wearing one will score you major points with her, just make sure to grind rather than thrust to enable constant contact with the clitoris. If it’s too much to handle in the beginning, opt for one sex toy; then add the other when she becomes accustomed to the sensation. Then your woman can even put a hand over yours to guide the vibrator to the speed and rhythm that’ll build her up to the climax.

Silicone Triple Ultra Soft Cock Ring

 cock ring

The Adorime 3-in-1 penis ring provides a one-stop solution. With excellent ergonomics, it fits securely in the correct position for optimal results.



How to do it: The receiver kneels on top, pushing off the giver's chest and sliding up and down their thighs. The receiver can relieve some weight from their partner's pelvis by leaning back and supporting themselves on their thighs.

Why: By being dominant in this sex position, you’ll delay their climax and intensify yours.

Tips: his position is a female favorite since she can ride you and take full reign over the movement—pulling back and thrusting to hit her g-spot and run the full length of your shaft, or taking you deep and grinding against your body for clitoral stimulation. But to make the sex more explosive for you, try this variation:

“He’s blindfolded while she uses him for her pleasure, stopping to tease his nipples and testicles with her vibrator,” a sex expert says. There are a few elements working here. By taking away your sight—yes, it robs you of the show and her body on display—it heightens your senses; what’s more, your body doesn’t know what to anticipate. The stimulation can happen anywhere, so you’re more attuned to the sensations as they happen, not as you expect them to.

Rose Tongue Licking Toy G spot Hit Mini Vibrator

licking vibrator

Do you want a sex toy that can hit all your hotspots, and bring you the satisfying, mind-blowing, long-lasting big 'o'? Look no further. Rose Tongue Licking Toy G spot Hit Mini Vibrator

Y-1, Triple Tease G-Spot Vibrator

Y-1, Triple Tease G-Spot Vibrator


The 3 powerful motors of this vibrator can be used for stimulating clitoris, vagina, anus or nipples, which will brings you sensational climaxes! You can fix the vibrator on your partner's cock to enjoy anus and vagina sex at same time! There are many more playing methods for you to explore.



How to do it: The receiver lies on their back while the giver lies facedown on top.

Why: The missionary sex position is simple, elegant, effective, and surprisingly versatile. Vanilla, sure, but delicious.

Tips: It’s not always imaginative, but Missionary gets the job done; it’s also one of the top positions for men and women because it boosts intimacy and gives you both what you want: good penetration for him, clitoral stimulation for her. There’s an incredibly easy way to set fire to her blood (and yours), though:

You can dab some orgasm gel (lube with stimulants to increase heat and pumping) on her clit. The more this posture is, the closer the body is, the more the body will heat up and sweat, and the more intense it will be. You can also add a vibrating cock ring or a toy that attaches to the clit to stimulate her clit and give her a quick clitoral orgasm.

Couple's Penis Ring Clit Vibrator

cock rings

Take love to the next level with Adorime's Couple Vibrator! This innovative penis ring offers him stimulating vibrations, while her sensitive parts are electrified by two powerful massage points. Push the boundaries of your relationship and enjoy dynamic pleasure for both of you!


How to do it: Find a nice, comfy pillow she wouldn’t mind laying on. Make sure the pillow is near the bottom of her back.

Why: This sex position requires him to stand facing her and towards the bed or table.

This position offers deep penetration and intimacy, and he has the option to thrust fast or slow, which also creates a great opportunity to take a break if needed.

This position greatly benefits her, as the pillow will lift her pelvis slightly, allowing for deeper penetration and the opportunity to target her G-spot more effectively.

Tips: One of the trickiest of all sex positions, standing-up sex involves a fair amount of strength and logistics to work out in your favor. If there’s a good height difference between the two of you, your pelvises won’t line up; she’ll need to be propped up or standing on something solid that won’t move. However, you can also get her to climax without penetration. If you want to use this as a precursor to sex, hold a vibrator on her clitoris. You can face each other, wrap one arm around her body and use the other to control the vibrator, while she wraps an arm around your neck/shoulders and uses her free hand to stimulate you.

Rose Lover Sucking Vibrator

rose toys

Reach ecstasy with the Rose Lover Sucking Vibrator! Stimulate your G-spot and clitoris with this passionate toy, sending waves of pleasure sure to reach the peak of your desires. Challenge yourself to see just how far you can go!

2In1 Nipple Sucker & Tongue Licking Clitoral Vibrator

 2In1 Nipple Sucker & Tongue Licking Clitoral Vibrator

 Do you have 2 sides to your personality? Do you like to switch it up sometimes? Meet a split-personality nipple vibrator featuring both suction and a magic tongue function. Treat your clitoris to a double dose of pleasure and grab yours now.