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Position of the Week: Netflix and Chill

Position of the Week: Netflix and Chill

Jul 02, 2024

cheng cuiping

Your steamy nights in are about to get a lot more exciting. Take your Netflix and Chill sessions to a tasty new level with this oral-delight position, which lets you watch your favorite show while being pleasured from below. So – who's going first?


One partner sits on a couch and spreads their legs wide. The other partner kneels on the floor and faces their lover, placing their face in-between their partner’s legs. Turn the TV on and treat yourself to a very special screening.


Netflix and Chill offers first-class access to your partner’s sweet spots. Clitoris, penis, anus – everything is within easy, pleasurable reach. The giving partner can lick, suck and even stroke, while the receiving partner can angle themselves to be the recipient of the most delightful kisses, sucks and strokes.


If the receiving partner has a penis, try using a vibrating blow job stroker like the Adorime Head Master. Deliciously textured, this versatile stroker comes with a removable bullet vibrator to send sensations soaring. If the receiving partner has a vulva, a classic vibrator is perfect for delivering deep internal and external stimulation. Gender-neutral toys like a wand vibrator or butt plug will also undoubtedly hit the spot.

Make it even easier

If you use a mobility aid, this seated position is great for you, particularly if you have difficulties with balance or standing for too long. Just ensure you have plenty of water-based lubricant or water-based anal lubricant within reach and if needed, consider having extra pillows on hand if you need more support.

Make it even better

Make sure the giving partner can join in on the fun by giving them a toy to play with, too. Using a remote-control toy and handing the control to the receiving partner lets them tease and please the giving partner without having to move from their throne.

Why not enhance the pleasure platter even further with an oral sex snack such as a flavored lubricant. With so many tempting flavors on offer, you’re sure to find one that makes your Netflix and Chill session extra mouth-watering.