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Position of the Week: Press P for Pleasure

Position of the Week: Press P for Pleasure

Apr 07, 2024

cheng cuiping

Enter Player One. Put the feels in motion with Press P for Pleasure, a solo penetrative position that utilizes the magic of the Lovehoney Love Motion Sex Machine set. With two different dildo attachments, a textured realistic dildo and a smooth non-realistic dildo, hands-free, precision pleasure has never been easier.


Attach the suction-cup base of your sex machine set to a sturdy, flat surface. This can be on the floor, or against the wall. Position yourself on bended knees in a classic doggy stance, lowering yourself onto all fours. Before penetration, make sure your sex machine is placed at the right height and angle for you to ride comfortably, then reverse yourself onto the dildo.


Get ready for the ride of your life, as this position allows your sex machine to do all the work while you enjoy wild satisfaction. The two dildo attachments feature bulbed tips that target your G-spot or P-spot, while its thrusting and warming functions offer a plethora of sensations. If you fancy warming up with some vibes and no thrusts, simply tailor your pleasure sessions as you explore the 3 speeds and 7 vibration patterns with the handy remote control.


Why not invite your lover to take the reins by handing them the remote control? You can also spice up your play with a blindfold or a pair of nipple suckers for some thrilling sensory play.

Make it easier

If you use a mobility aid, this position can be easily adapted by propping or leaning forwards on a sofa or on a sex position wedge, providing additional support and comfort. Just ensure you have plenty of water-based lubricant within reach and consider having extra pillows on hand if needed.

Make it even better

Whether you’re hopping on for a solo ride or sharing the fun with a partner, you can easily turn up the heat with a warming or tingling lubricant designed to enhance sensitivity and stimulation. Apply lashings of lube onto your erogenous zones to really reap the benefits.