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Position of the Week: The Pretzel

Position of the Week: The Pretzel

Apr 27, 2024

cheng cuiping

Curl up in a warm embrace with The Pretzel. Fantastic for creating intimacy and stimulating a variety of erogenous zones, this versatile position is great if you have a desire to turn into a giant pretzel with your lover. You can incorporate penetration play, or non-penetrative external stimulation from the friction between your bodies.


The receiving partner lies on their side with their hips and legs open to the side. The giving partner enters from behind and straddles their partner’s bottom leg, with their pelvises meeting in the middle. The top leg of the receiving partner wraps around the giving partner’s hip to create a tight, tangled embrace.


The slight diagonal of the receiving partner’s leg over the giving partner’s hips creates tight and deep penetration. The Pretzel also enables intense eye contact, while external pleasure zones such as the nipples and clitoris can be massaged with orgasmic dexterity.


Position yourself near a wall so the receiving partner can place their feet on it to give extra satisfying pushback to every thrust. If you want to experiment with different angles of penetration, the receiving partner can simply raise their top leg up and rest their foot against the wall for support.

Make it even easier

If you or your partner use a mobility aid, this lying down position is perfect for you, particularly if you have difficulties with balance or standing for too long. Just ensure you have plenty of water-based lubricant within reach and if you are lying on the floor, consider having extra pillows on hand if you need more support.

Make it even better

A couple’s vibrator like the We-Vibe Sync Go will fit seamlessly between you for clitoral, G-spot and penis stimulation. Plus, its remote control means you can take it in turns to control the vibration settings. You can also spice up your play even further with some light bondage. A blindfold, feather tickler or nipple suckers are great options for teasing your external erogenous zones.