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Sex Positions To Help You Last Longer In Bed And Make Her Happy

Sep 13, 2021


Sex positions are a basic concept of sex which all lovers must understand and grasp before engaging in sex. A sex position is simply a position of one's body which individuals use for sex or other intimate sexual acts. The most common sex positions are the missionary position, which is when a woman lies on top of a man; the woman's backside rests against her partner's stomach; and the "doggy style" which involve a man lying down with his face between the woman's legs. All these sex positions have many advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the "doggy style" has the advantage of allowing the man to enter deeper; however, it also leaves the woman open to vaginal penetration.

Sex Positions

There are several sex positions that help couples to last longer in bed and are very exciting as well. However,

all sex positions do have one drawback: They are not the best for couples who experience difficulties in achieving orgasm. Some of these difficulties include premature ejaculation, clitoral pain, lack of desire and difficulty in climaxing. It therefore comes as a relief if these problems can be overcome by some means other than the usual traditional methods.

Switching positions is one such method. The theory behind switching positions is that certain sex positions cause different levels of sensations. The theory is that some sex positions cause more sensations to our bodies than others. This theory is based on the fact that in general, the more painful a sex act is, the less we enjoy it. By switching positions frequently, couples are able to overcome this problem.

Other sex positions also help couples to reduce or eliminate their level of pleasure by allowing for more friction. In the so-called Getty images, for example, the penis is placed in a wedged state between two (or more) pillows. By allowing for increased friction, the position simulates the feeling of being pregnant. Couples who find it difficult to reach orgasm through normal sex may find getting engaged in this sex position extremely difficult, but once they get over their difficulty, they will feel like they are on top of the world.

Stimulation through foreplay is another way that sex positions can help couples last longer in bed. Foreplay, just like any other form of stimulation before sex, allows for more pleasurable sensations which in turn leads to longer and more satisfying sex. Some common foreplay techniques include rubbing the clitoris, oral sex and intercourse. Foreplay is also beneficial because it prevents feelings of fatigue during sex which, in turn, may prevent premature ejaculation. It is common for many men to orgasm just after sex without foreplay.

For couples experiencing difficulty in the aforementioned areas, sitting sex positions such as the one with the man straddling the woman from behind may be helpful. When sitting, couples can increase stimulation by facing each other and placing their knees on either side of one another. By allowing for increased contact and friction on the pelvic floor, couples will be able to reach orgasm. Couple's experiencing difficulty in the aforementioned areas may want to use some of the above mentioned sex positions to help them last longer in bed.