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The Rose Toy For Women Review - A Look Inside The Box!

The Rose Toy For Women Review - A Look Inside The Box!

Nov 02, 2021


the rose toy

The Rose Toy is the perfect gift for any occasion, man or woman. This all in one dildo is very smooth and well made, the perfect size for the women who prefer a bigger dildo but still get the intense orgasm they desire. The rose adult toy for women is the perfect toy for couples and lovers alike. The dildo comes with the same powerful vibrations that make the woman climax, but only when the man stimulates the right spots.

The sex rose toy vibrator is much more than just a vibrator. The contoured shape of the clitoris sponge is designed in much the same way as a real rose, which is great because now it can also be used as a decorative item on the living room table or wherever else you want to put it. Shipping is quick and the box will be great, you really don t have to concern about it not being what you expect or the box being too small. The vibrations from this toy are strong and rumbly, so the women who get to use this toy the most are going to be getting the most intense orgasms ever. This product comes with two vibrators that come in different strengths, so if you want to reach an incredibly powerful orgasm then you can increase the strength that the toys give with each other.

Adorime rosetoy series have update to rose toy 2.0 and rose toy with bullet vibrator comes in three different sizes, a small, medium, and large, this is perfect for those women who like to receive oral sex but don't want to feel uncomfortable or like they are doing something wrong.

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With the clitoral vibrator being the strongest and most intense, this is one of the best toys for giving a woman mind blowing orgasms. With the clitoral vibrator you can please her g-spot at the same time, the vibe control allows you to change the intensity up every time she wants it to.