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What Is the A-Spot? - Where Is the A-Spot?

May 17, 2024

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You know the saying, “that hits the spot”? There’s a good chance the sex gods were thinking about one spot in particular when they created that phrase: the A-spot.

Yup, the a-spot is an area you most likely didn’t know existed but probably felt a time or two during a very intense, very orgasmic sex session. (And if not, don’t worry—we’ll teach you how to hit it.)

If you’re a fan of penetrative vaginal sex, anal sex, or just want to branch out from your usual routine (love to see it), here’s everything you need to know about the A-spot, and why this little location gives you such a big—huge!—orgasm.

What is the A-spot?

Technically known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone (hence the nickname “A-spot”), the A-spot is a protrusion of the cervix into the vagina creating what is pretty much a little "pleasure pocket," says sexual expert Tyomi Morgan, Sweet Vibes in-house sexpert and founder of Glamerotica101.

Now, not everyone has this mythical spot, so take notes before you start digging around. “People assigned female at birth and cisgender women are the only ones who are able to reach the A-spot,” explains sex therapist Angela Jones, PhD. But because the spot is also referred to as the female degenerated prostate—since it’s located in the same area as the male prostate—you can expect a similar type of stimulation that penis-having folks experience when their P-spot is pleasured.

What does the A-spot do?

“When pressure is applied to the A-spot and [it’s] stimulated, it can make you ‘wetter.’ The nerve endings in this location can also help one achieve orgasm through penetration,” says Dr. Jones. In fact, it’s you’ve experienced an orgasm through penetrative or anal sex, Morgan says there’s a solid chance your A-spot came into play.

The thing is, A-sport orgasms tend to feel a little bit different than the external “playing with the tip of the clit” orgasms you might be accustomed to. “It's a deep, rippling feeling that can be felt deep within the pelvis, and it's accompanied by juicy lubrication,” explains Morgan.

Is the A-spot a legit pleasure spot?

Unlike other more talked about pleasure spots (looking at you, G-spot), the A-spot is actually a legit thing. While the G-spot has been debunked (sorry!), all the experts agree: The A-spot is as real as they come.

In fact, it’s actually just a part of the clitoris but is located internally. “The entire clitoris goes below the surface of the labia, extending into the abdomen, explains SKYN’s sex and intimacy expert Gigi Engle. “The clitoral glans—the part you can see on the outside of the vulva, are just the tip of the iceberg. There are internal wings and bulbs.”

But just because it's technically an area that can provide pleasure, that doesn't mean it will do that for everyone. "For some people, deep penetration and corollary stimulation of the cervix is highly pleasurable. For others, it’s uncomfortable. So it’s really a matter of personal preference," explains Jess O'Reilly PhD, sexologist and global ambassador for WOW Tech.

Even if you find the sweet spot, the fact that most women do not orgasm consistently from penetration or intercourse alone is still important to remember, says Dr. Jess. And if it doesn't get the job done for you, no sweat. "There are plenty of other hot spots on the wondrous body and you still get an A for effort," she says.

Where is the A-spot?

This mysterious erogenous zone is located between the cervix and the bladder, and can be accessed directly via the vagina or indirectly via the anus (don’t worry—we’ll get to this). The spot is on the front wall of the vagina but in the way, wayyy back. In fact, Dr. Jones said it’s usually about 4-6 inches back at the very end of the internal clitoris, so you're going to have to dive deep.

Nevertheless, everyone's different, so it’ll probably take a little bit of experimenting to find exactly what you’re looking for. And the fact that the spot feels like the rest of your vagina to the touch makes it especially tricky to discover. That’s why knowing what you’re doing and honing your technique (or teaching your partner) is essential to hitting it.

How do you find the A-Spot?

To find it, Morgan suggests using a penetrative toy that’s at least five inches in length. Upon inserting it into the vagina, you’ll want to aim for the front of the body using an upward motion.

If you’d rather use your hands to really get a feel for the location, Engle suggests inserting two (clean and lubed up) fingers inside your vagina and pushing them all the way back until you hit a hard spot. You’re essentially just going to keep going until you hit a wall (this is your cervix). “Gently feel around this area with some firmness and notice what you feel,” Engle says. “You may feel some fullness, or you may notice some pleasant sensations. This is the A-spot.”

That said, long nails or short fingers can make this tricky so for some people, so it may be best to stick with a toy.

If you’re still having trouble, Dr. Jones suggests using the front wall of the vagina as a guide. Just slowly follow it along all the way back until you hit the end, then explore that area for sensations. Morgan adds it’s important to breathe deeply and slowly to really relax into the deep penetration and really connect with your body.

Since this will probably feel a little different than the orgasms you’re used to, you’ll have to really concentrate and take things slow to find the sweet spot.

How do you stimulate the A-spot?

It might take a little work to achieve an orgasm this way—and not everyone can, so no stress if it’s not working for you. But you should eliminate distractions and stressors as an essential first step when trying to get there.

You can use your fingers, a toy, or a penis to stimulate the A-spot, but whichever route you choose, all the experts agree it comes down to the same thing: pressure. “The vagina itself has very few touch-sensitive nerve endings,” says Engle. “What it does have is pressure-sensitive nerve endings. You’ll need to push and firmly touch the area to ignite feelings of pleasure.”

You can only access the A-spot through deep penetration, which is why sometimes fingers don’t quite cut it. Whether you’re trying to hit the spot with a partner’s penis or a toy (Dr. Jones suggests a dildo that curves at the end), it’s important to stroke towards the front of the vagina/body or using a swishing, side-to-side motion along the front wall of the vagina.

What are the best A-spot sex positions?

There are dozens of ways to hit the A-spot, but the central theme of all of them is deep penetration. Doggy style is great because the penetrator has plenty of leverage and control to reach the back of the vagina. When trying to hit the A-spot with doggy, you’ll want to use a downward stroke, so the penis or toy is rubbing along the front wall of the vagina as opposed to the back.

Cowgirl position (where the person being penetrated is on top) is another great way to stimulate the A-spot, and it gives a little more control to the vagina-haver, which means you can adjust the depth, the angle, and the direction of the trusts to better locate this erogenous zone.

Additionally, the classic missionary position with the bottom person’s legs elevated and spread (like the happy baby position in yoga) will provide ultra-deep penetration and give you some of that romantic eye contact and connection feels. You’ll want to utilize an upward stroke (toward the front of the body) in order to stimulate the A-spot when opting for missionary, advises Morgan.

How does anal sex fit into the mix?

One major way people with vaginas experience A-spot orgasms is through anal sex—yup, that’s another reason why it’s called the A-spot. It turns out, the back clitoris (remember, it's lonnnnggg) can actually be indirectly stimulated through anal sex.

In fact, Engle says this is one of the reasons some of your clitoris-owning friends love—and even experience orgasms—during anal. “The vaginal wall and rectum are only separated by a thin layer of tissue. So, when some people have anal sex (or anal play), the toy or penis pushes against the rectal wall, activating the A-spot,” she says.

Any other tips for getting the perfect A-spot orgasm?

I know we say it a lot, but even Dr. Jones agrees: Lube is definitely a game-changer when it comes to most every type of sex, but especially when you're trying to find the A-spot since it provides comfort and an easy-glide situation.

You can also incorporate a dual vibrator or rabbit-style toy, which will create both internal and external stimulation (which in turn, causes the clitoris to become fully engorged and sensitive). Ultimately, just relaxing, breathing, and doing a little self-exploration will help you on your quest.

“The A-spot is just one place to explore that can bring pleasure,” says Dr. Jones. “Just remember, it’s okay to not enjoy stimulating your A-spot—it’s not for everyone. Own your pleasure and keep exploring.” Happy searching!

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