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15 Best Anal Vibrators of 2024 for Those Looking to Explore the Backdoor

May 17, 2024

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You probably already have a trusty bullet vibe, right? And maybe you've experimented with butt plugs and other anus-centric toys. But have you heard about the anal vibrator? It's like the perfect combination of both worlds. Just like any other sex toy, anal vibes come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny ones for beginners to seriously intense ones. If it's your first time trying anal play, welcome aboard! Just remember to keep a few important factors in mind when shopping for anal vibes (or any other backdoor pleasure product). No need to sweat it, though - we've consulted with top "sexperts" in the industry to help you navigate the world of anal play.

Don't worry, you don't need a prostate to enjoy an anal vibrator (although there are options specifically designed for P-spot pleasure). According to Dr. Donna Oriowo, "exploring the anus can also stimulate the vagina thanks to the pudendal nerve." And with so many nerve endings in the anus, only 20% are actively used, leaving 80% for pure pleasure. We've gathered the top vibes for the job to help you discover that other 80% (and maybe even find the elusive A-spot).

How to choose the best anal vibrator

Consider the size

For those new to exploring the backdoor, size is key when choosing an anal vibrator. Certified sex therapist Aliyah Moore suggests starting with smaller, more streamlined toys. Keep the width under 1.25 inches at its thickest point, and gradually increase in 0.25-inch steps to avoid discomfort. Don't overdo it, beginner size-queens (or kings)!

Check out the materials used

Sexologist Alex Miller from Orchid Toys suggests carefully considering the materials used. "Choose a body-safe and phthalate-free option," she advises. "If you have a silicone allergy, always check the composition of the toy." Also, be mindful of the lubricant you use with your anal vibrator (which you definitely should be using!!) and make sure it's compatible. While water-based lubes are usually a safe choice, do some research and possibly try a small amount before diving in.

Look for a flared base

Don't be afraid to test out various shapes and sizes, as long as your toy is safe for your body and has a sturdy base. According to sexpert Marla Renee Stewart, finding the perfect shape for your backdoor is crucial, and having a base that feels comfy is equally vital.

How we chose our anal vibrators

Pleasure is diverse, and what rocks someone's world may not be powerful enough to thrill another person. That's why we rounded up a whole range of highly-rated anal vibrators, from gentle, flexible toys for beginners, to seriously high-tech vibes that'll leave your legs quaking.

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