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Greek Sex: Just a Euphemism for Exotic!

Oct 23, 2023

Yuqin Hu

Maybe everything takes on a certain je ne sais quois when you think of Greece. Picture a scenic paradise, spending time with pals, partners, or just yourself, sipping drinks and noshing on some amazing Greek grub. Plus, the same can be said for Greek sex… it's just a fancy way of saying something you already do!


The term "Greek sex" is a more refined name for anal sex. It is said that in Ancient Greece, homosexual unions were generally accepted, despite the fact that they weren't necessarily accepted everywhere.

The phrase "Greek sex" was first used by the Romans, using the term to induce comedy in their plays. They would oftentimes portray anal intercourse, leading to a commonly-held belief that it was a practice exclusive to Greek culture.

The Ancient Greeks had no specific terms for homosexual or heterosexual behavior; to them, sexual expression was seen simply as a natural part of life.

The term 'Greek sex' was created to reflect the fact that relationships between genders, regardless of their difference, were socially accepted and even encouraged, a progressive concept considering the era. Fascinating, indeed.

What Makes Greek Sexuality Particularly Attractive?

It is no surprise that Greek sex, which is simply anal sex, has gained wide popularity, not only among homosexual males, but among heterosexual partners as well.

People from all lifestyles find pleasure in various forms of anal stimulation, both with partners and solo through the use of anal sex toys. The appeal of this activity lies in its pleasurable nature.

Anal sex can be highly pleasurable, especially for men whose prostate can be stimulated, but it is also popular for a variety of other reasons.

The taboo factor: when something is not socially acceptable or not widely accepted, people often find it more thrilling or appealing.

Novelty: exploring new things triggers the release of dopamine, a pleasure hormone.

Unexpected pleasure: anal stimulation can often bring a pleasant surprise when a finger or tongue is involved; many who experience this are eager to keep it going.

Orgasms: anal sex can result in a more intense and prolonged orgasm due to the contraction of the sphincter muscles at the point of climax.

Anal sex is often appreciated due to its pleasurable sensations. To be more specific, there is an undeniable arousal felt by men when engaging in Greek sexual acts with women.

Research from the 1950s to the present day shows that the number of heterosexual couples engaging in anal sex has increased dramatically, from 15% of people in the 1950s to around one-third of men and women today.

This could feasibly be attributed to embarrassment or more traditional values associated with intimate relationships, however, the figures remain highly indicative.

Why Do Some Heterosexual Men Find Greek Sex Attractive?

Heterosexual men have numerous motivations for expressing interest in anal intercourse with a female partner.

The idea of locating a partner willing to engage in Greek sex can be enough to stir up arousal. This type of woman is commonly thought to be sexually daring, and not looking to conceive, which is alluring.

The sexual act is simply physical, and she is finding pleasure without the goal of reproduction.

Also, it has been said that women who engage in Greek sex tend to have more orgasms! Not necessarily during anal sex itself, but in general. The conclusion is that these kinds of women are more sexually adventurous, and willing to try different things in order to find and embrace their sexual bliss.  

Ultimately, we are not implying that Greek sex is obligatory for women, however, we do firmly support those women who are comfortable with their sensuality and derive gratification from it. So ladies, feel free to partake in consensual, enjoyable, and risk-free intercourse in what ever way pleases you!

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