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The Best Toys to Pair with Your Halloween Costume for Spellbinding Roleplay

The Best Toys to Pair with Your Halloween Costume for Spellbinding Roleplay

Sep 30, 2023

cheng cuiping

These costume/sex toy combos will take your Halloween celebration from sexy to downright salacious.

Halloween Costume

There's something about Halloween that's inherently erotic. Perhaps it's the thrills that come with scary movies and haunted houses or the excitement of dressing up and pretending to be someone or something else. Whatever it is, we suggest you lean into it! And what better way to lean into the ~spirit~ of Halloween than to use your costume as inspiration to enact a fantastical roleplay extravaganza?

The Costume: Secret Agent

Halloween Costume

There's a reason James Bond notoriously gets as much action in the sheets as he does in the streets – secret agents are undeniably hot. The mystique, the cool gadgets, the danger – what's not to love? Whether you're fighting for good or evil, you certainly won't have to fight for attention when donning a secret agent costume.

Perfect Pleasure Pairing: High-Tech Toys

A secret agent is nothing without their gadgets, so now is the perfect time to take advantage of all the latest advancements in sex tech for your seductive spy play. App-controlled wearable sex toys are an ideal match if you're up for some public play; you'll feel extra sneaky getting your rumble and buzz on undercover. Not into exhibitionism? Then opt for a sophisticated sex machine with plenty of bells and whistles to explore when you get home from your Halloween party!

The Costume: Barbie


With the viral success of the recently released Barbie: The Movie, there's a good chance a handful of our readers are considering dressing up as Mattel's It Girl this Halloween. We get it - when you can be the woman who has it all, why wouldn't you be?

Perfect Pleasure Pairing: Pink, Kink, or Couple's Toys

When your character's OG tagline is “You Can Be Anything,” you have a lot of room to play around in terms of what you'd like to bring to a themed roleplay sesh, so come on, Barbie, let's go party!

If you'd prefer to take the obvious but no-less-satisfying route, we suggest you nab yourself a new toy (or 10) you've been eyeing in Barb's famously favorite color. For Barbie/Ken duos, you can't go wrong by pairing your couple's costume with a couple's toy or 'his and hers' toy set – though we do recommend you stick to pink if you can, just for the sake of the theme!

Feeling XXXtra kinky? In that case, you might consider going full force when you get back home by turning yourself into an imitation sex doll. You can get that over-the-top blowup sex doll look by using nipple and pussy pumps and accessorize your mouth with an open-mouth lip gag that emulates always-ready-for-bj mouths that so many sex dolls feature.

The Costume: Sexy Animal

Sex Animal

When it comes to slutty Halloween costumes (and we, of course, mean “slutty” in a fun, sex-positive way!), animals will always remain a tried-and-true choice. It totally makes sense why this animalistic dress-up option maintains its popularity year after year – it's equal parts adorable and sexy, and you can put as much or as little effort into the getup as you'd like and still have people read your costume for what it is.

Perfect Pleasure Pairing: Pet Play Toys

Pet play is a specific form of roleplay where one person acts like an animal or pet while their partner takes on the role of the pet owner or animal trainer and it's purrfect to delve into if you'll be donning an animal costume for spooky season! Plus, there are so many kinds of kinky sexcessories you can use to bring this fantasy to life that add both sensation and mental stimulation – all you have to do is take your pick!

Thinking of transforming into (hu)man's best friend on October 31st? Then you'll find a leash/collar combo to be a paws-itively awesome addition to your post-party antics, and you can even up the kink factor with a bone-shaped gag or puppy mask. Or perhaps you're more of a wild animal that needs to be tamed – in that case, be sure to equip your boo with a riding crop so they can sensually whip you into shape! No matter what animal you plan on emulating, you can surely find a pet play accessory that will match your vibe.

The Costume: Medical Professional

You don't even have to watch a single episode of Grey's Anatomy to know that every single employee at that hospital is getting it on just about all the time - so much so that it's a surprise they have time to do any doctoring. Is the same true of real-life doctors and nurses? Probably not. But it can be for those who dress up as them for Halloween if they want it to! Whether it's the caretaker vibes that make nurse and doctor costumes so hot or all the fun accessories is hard to say, but one thing is for sure: hot doc costumes and the like have heart-stopping sex appeal.

Perfect Pleasure Pairing: Medical Play Toys

Medical play and doctor/nurse costumes are a match made in horny hospital heaven. What exactly is medical play, you ask? Essentially, medical play involves sexualized actions that might take place in a doctor's office or could conceivably occur in a ~sexy fantasy~ doctor's office. This might look like using a speculum to look deep inside your patient's holes, using toys to perform a super stimulating prostate exam, cleaning out their system with an anal douche, or even performing some state-of-the-art “procedures” using electro sex toys – medical play is what you make of it! You can also use various costume accessories for your medical play, such as the cold metal end of a stethoscope for some icy temperature play.