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May 18, 2023

cheng cuiping

Imagine you're alone in bed and you've been contemplating a tantalizing fantasy all day. Chances are, you know just how to get yourself to peak pleasure and you rely on it time and time again.

No need for embarrassment when it comes to your go-to self-pleasuring routine. Life can be chaotic, so it's only natural to seek out an effortless climax like you would rely on a quick frozen burrito. It's perfectly normal, but our advice is to explore expanding your solo satisfaction.

Refreshing your sexual pleasure is a way of connecting with yourself; it doesn't have to be specifically about climaxing either. Medication, stress, and external factors can often make it hard to reach orgasm, but this does not have to mean that sexual fulfillment is unobtainable! Here, we broadly define “orgasm” to mean the enjoyment of sublime pleasure; something you certainly deserve.

Answer the queries below to assess whether you are in a groove, and then return here regularly for advice on ameliorating your delight.

1. Do you typically masturbate with your body in the same position?
2. Do you typically use the same toy when you masturbate?
3. Do you tend to masturbate at the same time of day?
4. Do you tend to pleasure yourself in the same setting every time?
5. During masturbation, do you tend to skip the lube?
6. Is it usually quiet (no music) when you masturbate?
7. Do you tend to spend a similar amount of time for each masturbation session?
8. Do you usually touch the same hot spots when you masturbate?
9. Do you usually have the same fantasies when you masturbate?
10. Do you tend to watch the same porn when you masturbate? 


0-3 Yeses: You value pleasure and prioritize trying new experiences. You likely have a few go-to tricks, which we'll expand on during our fourth week when we discuss edging and techniques for using our toys.

4-7 Yeses: You know how to have a good time, but there's still more to uncover. Join us as we explore how to create a stimulating setting and explore different hot spots.

8-10 Yeses: You've honed the art of achieving an orgasm - an impressive feat! This month, challenge yourself to try something new and see if our tips and tricks have any effect. Consider altering your perspective, your physical environment, the erogenous zones you pleasure, the tools you use, and more. The outcomes are sure to surprise and delight.

To make the most of Masturbation May, take an honest inventory of where pleasure is lacking in your life. Reflect on existing practices, and identify any habits or stigmas that could be hindering your enjoyment. Utilize your quiz result as a jumping-off point and begin your pleasure makeover with the steps below!



The quality of your environment can have a large effect on your potential pleasure; creating an optimal setting and mindset is key to maximum satisfaction. Even for the horniest person in the world, a sink full of dishes and stress from the day can prove a huge roadblock.

Do you know "set and setting" as part of the psychedelic world? We're using it for a different kind of mind-expanding experience.

Remind yourself that masturbation can be pleasurable without necessarily reaching orgasm. Factors like medications, stress, hormone levels and erectile dysfunction can make it difficult to climax, yet such difficulties shouldn't preclude sexual satisfaction.

Position yourself for satisfaction, not climaxing. From a psychological standpoint, letting go of expectations may be more rewarding.

Take the following step to foster a pleasure-oriented thought process: Think about anything you've been longing to experience but haven't. Permit yourself to indulge in daydreaming. If any of the ideas you have can be accomplished alone, then give yourself the okay to go ahead!

The last step towards setting the ideal mindset is selecting a cue to signal the start of your playful time. The cue does not need to be complicated - you may not always have the capacity to create a plate of stimulating treats and upgrade your bedding to silk sheets - it could simply be pouring your go-to beverage into a nice glass or playing your preferred sensual playlist.

Tip: Encouraging small rituals which involve self-care can be beneficial to connect with your body's sensuality. Easy activities such as moisturizing your skin after a shower can be an effective way to honor your body, appreciating its freckles, stretch marks, and wrinkles. The tactile sensations experienced through this practice can bring a heightened sense of pleasure.

Creating the ideal atmosphere can depend on how much time you have. For a luxurious setting, you might light candles and scatter rose petals, or if you’re in a hurry, just tidy up. Ensure your dirty laundry is stored in a basket underneath the bed and avoid masturbating in a cluttered space. Additionally, make it a habit to charge your toys as part of regular maintenance.

When selecting toys, it depends on desired preference. While some provide intense stimulation, others promote gradual exploration. (Our blog post, “Pulsators for Quickies vs. Slowgasms,” describes the differences in our self-thrusters in detail.) VIM, our vibrating wand, can do both but is especially well-suited for clitoral stimulation.

If you're looking to experience increased prostate stimulation, consider using a butt plug such as BOOTIE. Try rocking against the plug for gentler stimulation or pair it with a vibrator for a more intense sensation. For a stronger, more sensitive erection, NŌS is a great option to explore different strokes. Have no fear and let your exploration begin.

Lubricant is essential for comfort and stress relief. Incorporating lube into your activities, be it a brief or extended session, can reduce tension and enhance relaxation.


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All ideas included are for educational and entertainment value, and do not constitute medical advice.


It's perfectly acceptable to have a preferred area of sensitivity, whether it be the G-spot, prostate, clitoris, or the head of the penis. However, if you habitually manipulate it during self-pleasure, you may be unknowingly limiting yourself. Your body is capable of a wider spectrum of pleasure than you think, so it's time to explore those options.

Begin with exploring different erogenous zones and physiologic arousal. Visiting your local sex shop and examining the options is an excellent place to start. Note what appeals to you and what triggers your interest. Don't be afraid to go beyond what you think you'd enjoy - you just may surprise yourself!

For added pleasure, our MANTA stroker provides a vibratory sensation when stimulating the penis. Those keen to explore prostate stimulation may find our “Tips for a Prostate Orgasm" guide helpful, especially for beginners.

For those interested in vaginal stimulation, our TIGER vibe and THE BOSS dildo offer a unique full sensation. With LADY BI, you can explore deep penetration and stimulate the A-spot for increased arousal. Our MAGNUM dildo is designed for those wanting to massage the cervix. Should you be new to dildos, our guide "How to Use a Dildo" can help.

Vulva owners who have yet to explore anal play may find it an interesting choice to consider. “Your Gay Best Friend’s Guide to Anal Pleasure” can serve as an excellent starting point.

Tip: It can be tempting to dismiss unfamiliar sexual desires, but you should never underestimate the power of exploration. From watching a steamy movie scene to having a new fantasy added to your spank bank, your sexual turn-ons can evolve at any age or experience level. While fantasies don't need to be enacted in real life, they can still provide an opportunity to explore pleasure in fresh ways.

The important thing is, your typical self-pleasuring imaginings aren't the only ones your mind can generate. They may not even be the most intense. It can be fun to grow and experiment with yourself as your desires and pleasures change over time.


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