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Position of the Week: Threedome

Position of the Week: Threedome

Mar 03, 2024

cheng cuiping

What a three-ling! Enter the pleasure kingdom with this tantalizingly exciting position. Threedome provides fantastic visuals, is relatively easy and a win-win as everyone gets to enjoy themselves.


The oral receiver kneels on a bed or the floor. The middle partner gets on their hands and knees in front of the oral receiver. The oral receiver adjusts their kneeling height to be at a comfortable height for the oral giver.

The penetrating partner then kneels behind the oral giver. They may need to widen (or close) the gap between their thighs to adjust to the height of their hips. Once in place, the penetrating partner slides into the partner in the middle.


This position is perfect for all the lovers involved thanks to its mix of penetration, oral and the incredible views it creates from all angles. The penetrating partner enjoys full access to the receiver’s behind as well as control over the depth and speed. The middle partner receives deep penetration stimulation and they take full control of the other partner’s pleasure with every lick, suck and eye contact. As for the oral receiving partner, they get to lean back and experience amazing oral sex.


If you’ve ever fantasized about watching your partner with someone else, this is an excellent position for you. If you are not ready to add a third person into your play or the oral giver wants to take a break, they can use a clitoral suction stimulator or vibrating stroker to please the partner in front of them and mimic those sensational oral strokes.

Make it easier

If you or your partners use a mobility aid, this position can be easily adapted to have all partners seated. A sex position wedge or chair can be useful in supporting some of your body weight and reducing strain on your thighs. Just ensure you have plenty of lubricant within reach and if you are lying on a bed, consider having extra pillows on hand if you need more support.

Make it even better

The middle partner can enhance their pleasure platter with some delicious, flavored lubricant. With so many flavors on offer, you’re guaranteed to find one that makes your three-way play extra mouth-watering.

Both the lovers on either end can add some extra vibrations to the pleasure palace with a vibrating butt plug, while also using one of their free hands to trail a bullet vibe or wand massager over the middle partner’s front and back to intensify their excitement even more.