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Adorime's Best Tips for Oral Sex

Tips to trEAT Your Partner Right Best Tips for Oral Sex

Feb 23, 2024

cheng cuiping

We asked our team for their best tips on giving and receiving head and boy, did they deliver.

Going downtown is definitely no new thing. In fact, there's evidence of cunnilingus and fellatio which dates back further than the Ancient Egyptians (who were big fans, in case you were wondering).

People still love a cheeky bit of head to this day and it's no wonder why. Oral sex is mainly about giving or receiving pleasure and is arguably one of the most intimate acts you can do.

Doing it well takes skill and practise though and it's certainly not a one-size-fits-all routine for everybody. If you're going to have your face down in someone's nether regions, you might as well do it right so we've gathered some hot tips to help you out.

Doing it well takes skill and practise though and it's certainly not a one-size-fits-all routine for everybody. If you're going to have your face down in someone's nether regions, you might as well do it right so we've gathered some hot tips to help you out.

Of course, everyone likes it a bit differently so rather than just asking for one person's opinion, we decided we needed a few and who better to ask than the sexual happiness people themselves (A.K.A. the Adorime staff)? With the help of our fabulous Adorime forum as well, we asked what turns good head into amazing head for people with vulvas and penises.

The results were, of course, very varied so, without further ado, here are the best tips for giving head from Adorime.

Oral Tips for Vulvas

"Variety, multiple simultaneous types of stimulation, and pressure are important! Stroke and nibble the inner thighs. Run your thumbs along the labia before spreading them so you can focus on the most sensitive bits. Now you can run your tongue or finger from clit to vagina, teasing the opening before sucking on the clit and adding two fingers inside. Now go find that G-spot!"

"Place your hand firm and flat below the belly and just above the pubic bone. Use really firm tongue pressure, full and broad flat licks, vertically (only ever uphill) whilst moving your whole head with your whole tongue out (always out) with consistent rhythm."

"Take your time getting to step 2, my friend. The clitoris isn't going anywhere - but please make sure you do eventually find it! Once you get there, give it continuous, licks and flicks but be gentle, don't make it feel like you're trying to dig in. Oh, and go for the 2+3 combo with your fingers on one and your mouth on the other (you can switch back and forth)."

"Lick the outer lips one at a time with some gentle sucking on them. Then one slow lick from clitoris down to the Perineum and then back up to the clitoris again. Cover as much skin as you can with your tongue. Repeat the lick back down but hover at the Vaginal opening and dart your tongue in and out quickly, then lick back up to the clitoris. Lick and gently suck on the inner lips one at a time.

Now to start on the clitoris, gently hold back the skin above the clitoris with one hand as you gently in a slow swirling motion lick around the clitoris. After several swirls move on to a flicking motion on the clitoris with the tip of your tongue.

Go back to a long lick down and back up as earlier but not as slow and also dart the tongue a couple of times in and out of the opening. When back at the clitoris gently suck on it. Move on to the full mouth over the clitoris and try sucking as much of it in as possible and use your tongue to tease the clitoris.

Now is when you start to touch near the opening with your fingers, at this stage they should start to move their body to get your fingers inside them, resist. Wait until they are using their legs and body to push your fingers in. When this happens ensure 2 fingers are used and insert them slowly, all the way in and hold them there as you move just the tips of your fingers, then move them half way out and back in again. Repeat this 5 times. Now locate the g spot and move your fingers onto it and curl them slowly pulsating on it and you will start to feel it get fuller. Continue sucking and pulsating your fingers until they orgasm. It won't take long from this stage."

"A mix of hands and mouth is always a winner for me! Use the mouth to stimulate the clitoris, while you use your fingers (or bonus points for a thumb!) to stimulate the g-spot, magic!"

"Draw the clitoris into your mouth and create some "pulsing" suction."

Combine those tips by switching it up with a new position. Whether you are a fan of the face sit, no-holds-barred cunnilingus or rimming, take your fave vulva-owner to toe-curling, ecstatic bliss.

Blow Job Tips

"I like to be kept guessing but if you feel my body do a little shudder, keep doing whatever it is you're doing."

"There's no such thing as too much spit! If you're not very good at getting enough saliva on the go, use a flavoured lube. Blow jobs feel best with plenty of lubrication - they should be wet, messy, passionate, and loud... although probably not 'grapefruit lady' loud... (if you know you know!)"

"Take the penis in and out shallowly, but with stiffish tongue pokes and press against the end of the penis."

"I like my partner to create suction and gently scrape her teeth across the sensitive head at the right moment. The focus should definitely be on the head. Stroke the shaft at the same time or use your mouth to bob up and down to enhance the sensation. I'm not too fussed about my balls and anal play is completely out of bounds!"

"Cup the balls, pulling and squeezing gently but firmly, gradually adding pressure. Insert a finger or two in the bum. Blow on the wet head between strokes and taking the penis in your mouth."

"Start by tickling the balls with your hands and tongue, before licking the underside of the penis from the base all the way up to the frenulum. Repeat to build up the excitement levels, before graduating to circling the tip of the penis with your tongue to tease all of the nerve-endings into a frenzy. Repeat and then take the full length of the penis in your mouth to take your partner to the brink of orgasm."

Once you've nailed some of these techniques and your lover thinks you are truly a BJ god or goddess, shake things up with some different positions.