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The 7 Best Automatic Fleshlights for Spectacular Stroking

May 16, 2024

Jordan Zhou

Why settle for a plain old Fleshlight when you can have one that does the job for you? In search of the perfect hands-free jerking-off buddy? Look no further, 'cause here are 7 top-notch options that'll satisfy your desires. Want to transform your current Fleshlight into an automatic machine? Want a blow job experience without any effort? Or maybe even have a partner take over remotely? We've tried and evaluated a variety of choices that'll leave you feeling satisfied and oh-so-happy.

Automatic vs Manual

At first glance, an automatic fleshlight may appear to have the upper hand over a manual stroker, but in reality, there are some drawbacks to consider. Let's examine what you should think about before purchasing an automatic fleshlight.

How to choose the best automatic fleshlight for you

  • Orifice — Manual fleshlights are available in mouth, vagina, anus, and neutral orifices. The same is often true for automatic fleshlights, but the available options will vary depending on which model you choose.
  • Inner Texture — The biggest appeal of manual fleshlights is the wide variety of internal textures they offer. Smoother sleeves provide gentle stimulation, where more ribbed or bumpy textures can help expedite the impending orgasm.
  • Type of Stimulation — With a manual stroker, you can stimulate yourself by moving the fleshlight up and down your penis in a “stroking” motion, i.e. “jacking off” using the sleeve. Depending on the design of the stroker, it may also be possible to adjust the level of suction and pressure on your shaft. Automatic fleshlights, on the other hand, do the stroking for you using vibrations, thrusts, or pulses.
  • App control — Certain automatic strokers are able to be controlled via an app. Some use Bluetooth for local controls, whereas others can be controlled from anywhere in the world using wifi/data, which is perfect for couples who live apart!
  • Interactive — More advanced automatic strokers allow the user to sync their thrust/vibrations/pulses to forms of media such as music, pornography, or live video feeds to provide a more immersive experience. We recommend looking closely at the models since the media libraries available vary from model to model.
  • Size — Although manual fleshlights (specifically the official Fleshlight brand models) tend to be on the large side, the generic fleshlights are often available in smaller, more portable models. Since automatic fleshlights require batteries and internal motors to provide stimulation, they tend to be much larger and heavier than manual fleshlights.
  • Volume — Manual fleshlights can be quite loud depending on how fast/hard they’re being used, but they are quieter than most automatic fleshlights, which can be pretty loud.

How to Make Your Automatic Fleshlight Hands-Free

The pillow-prop method

If doggy style is your jam, then why not try propping a few pillows or cushions on top of each other until they reach the perfect penis height. Then put your automatic fleshlight on and secure it by placing a final pillow/cushion on top to hold it down and secure it. And awaaaay you go!

The sofa sensations method

If missionary is for you then try the sofa method. Simply place your automatic fleshlight between two cushions on your sofa, climb on top, and slide your cock inside. Lay there and allow your marvelous masturbator to milk you dry from below!