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First Time with Toys and I Just Had The Best Sex Of My Life

First Time with Toys and I Just Had The Best Sex Of My Life

Mar 08, 2023

cheng cuiping

When we were still bf and gf we promised ourselves that we will not try or use sex toys until we got married. TBH. I am not into BDSM or sex toys but it’s something I always wanted to try. Three weeks ago is the best ERA of our sex life and the first one was insanely memorable.
I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how much the device added to our foreplay and gameplay since we were both new to this. Since we were both unsure about how everything was going to feel or how the flow would go, we decided to start slow. Using our normal intimate introduction we started to play with kisses and caresses. This always works!
Then he slowly laid me down and told me to close my eyes, he used the rose vibrator with his finger so the vibrations were not powerful just a gentle tickle, still caressing and kissing this set the mood real quick.
Once he has played for a few minutes we switched. I reached for the silicone sleeve and lubed it up very well. I told him the same thing, lay back and close your eyes, as he did. I slid the sleeve over his penis and gently played as he was very into this so we continued until he was close to ejaculation. It was so slippery and the glide was effortless, I don’t honestly know how he lasted that long!
We decided to try other sexual positions using a restraint device we got plus the sex toys vibrating on the clitoris while the sleeve made for an extra-long stroke with every thrust. It was intimate and very playful, no wonder a lot of people says sex toy can bring intimacy to another level and I support that thought. I might hate to admit it but I am having the urge of collecting more toys in the future!