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Position of the Week: Dial L for Love

Position of the Week: Dial L for Love

Mar 25, 2024

cheng cuiping

Show off your aerobic skills with Dial L for Love. Excellent for couples who want to experiment with different sensations during penetration play, this eye-catching position will require both partners to utilize their core muscles, as they rock each other’s worlds.


The receiving partner lies on their back and sits between the giving partner’s legs. While the giving partner sits up and enters them, the receiving partner raises one leg over their lover’s shoulder and pushes their upper body upright by resting on their hand.


Because of the angle of the receiver’s leg and the tension needed in your tummy to hold this pose, Dial L for Love can help the partner’s vulva or anus to feel tighter than in other positions. For this reason, it can help to increase sensation for both partners and can also be a great position if the penetrating partner has a smaller penis.


As you get into a smooth and comfortable rhythm, the giving partner can wrap their arms around the receiver’s waist, pulling them into a sensual embrace. The giver can also adjust the angle of their body by leaning backwards or forwards, until both partners find what feels most satisfying.

Make it easier

If you use a mobility aid, this position is great for you, particularly if you have difficulties with balance or standing for too long. If the receiver starts to feel discomfort in their legs, the giver can place a sex position wedge under their hips, providing additional support and comfort. Just ensure you have plenty of water-based lubricant within reach and consider having extra pillows on hand if needed.

Make it even better

You can spice up your play even further with some light bondage. A blindfold, feather tickler or nipple suckers are perfect options for teasing your external erogenous areas. Applying a pea-sized amount of orgasm balm onto your finger and rubbing it onto your nipples, penis or clitoris can also potentially increase sensitivity and enhance stimulation.

For a long-lasting session, why not throw in a vibrating love egg or vibrating cock ring to stimulate those sensitive nerve-endings and really ramp up the sensations.