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Wondering how to clean the sex toys? Experts show you the right way to CLEAN sex toys!

Wondering how to clean the sex toys? Experts show you the right way to CLEAN sex toys!

Jul 05, 2023

Yuqin Hu

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Sex Toys

Sex toys like vibrators, dildos, masturbation cups, and anal toys come into direct contact with bodily fluids, so it's important to know how to clean them properly. Cleaning your sex toys doesn't have to be complicated, but ignoring the consequences of doing so can.

Using unclean sex toys may introduce unwanted bacteria or other pathogens (such as fungi) into the vulvovaginal environment, which can lead to bacterial overgrowth called bacterial vaginosis or cause urinary tract infections, so clean multiple partners thoroughly toys are especially significant.

No matter if you're treating yourself or spicing things up with a partner, sex toys are a great way to increase enjoyment. But, knowing how to properly clean these products is often an overlooked aspect of maintaining your healthy sex life. We're here to give you the scoop on how to clean a dildo, how to clean a vibrator, and how to clean any other sex toy you may have. Let's dive in!

How to Clean Sex Toys

First, it needs to be fully inspected before cleaning and use. Make sure your sex toy is free of any defects such as bumps, cracks, or tears before proceeding to the next step of washing, as any damaged sex toy could trap bacteria or damage the soft tissues in your body.

After inspecting a toy, consider its material to best determine how to clean it and what products can be used on it. Sex toys are usually made of silicone, glass or metal, making them safe to use and easy to clean.

In general, a good rule of thumb to follow when cleaning sex toys is to pay attention to the shape of the toy. For sex toys with holes, the holes are often the places where bacteria accumulate the most, so pay attention to repeated cleaning. Simply using mild, fragrance-free soap and warm water is the most practical and easiest way to clean most sex toys.

Finally, make sure your sex toy before and after each use. Storing it in your nightstand is one way to shelter it from any dust and dirt that could potentially cause vaginal irritation or a nasty UTI.

How to Clean a Dildo


Grab a bowl of soapy, and dunk your dildo(s) in for a few minutes to achieve maximum hygiene. Use non-scented soap to avoid skin or pH disruptions. If your dildo is made of borosilicate glass, stainless steel, or 100 percent silicone, you can even boil it for five to 10 minutes.

How to Clean a Vibrator


Due to their battery or electronic components, buzzy buddies like bullets, wands, and suction cups demand extra precautions when you're getting them squeaky clean to thwart toy damage and keep you safe.

If the vibrator isn't waterproof, before you clean your vibrating toy, first take out any and all batteries and/or unplug them. Gently cleanse your non-waterproof sex toy with a spray or a damp, soapy cloth. Sealing off any open slots, make sure to not let any droplets penetrate!

If your vibe is waterproof, spruce it up with warm soapy, then pat it dry with a lint-free cloth. Make sure you give it a few moments to air out, so no droplets of moisture remain!

How to clean realistic butts sex toys

realistic butts sex toys

Vaginal irrigators

A vaginal irrigator (or enema bulb) is the ideal instrument for cleansing your toy after fun times. Just fill it with soapy H2O, then use it to give your toy a post-play rinse. We advise starting off with a cold water rinse, then switching to warm water with soap to really disinfect.

Vaginal irrigators won't break the bank and are super simple to utilize. Simply relocate your toy to where the H2O can freely escape her and avoid a total disaster. When you're looking to freshen up your sex doll after a session, these irrigators are your go-to!

Hand-held shower head

A removable handheld shower head is a nice touch. A handheld shower head allows the owner to position the stream of water to clean the toy after use. The shower head has adjustable flow settings, so you can turn it up to a high pressure setting. With enough pressure, you can quickly rinse the toy in seconds.

Water bottle

For those on a budget, any water bottle with an injection nozzle can be used as a makeshift vaginal douche to clean dolls in a pinch. Just follow the same steps as the vaginal douche above.


Cleaning is such an easy process that you can do it in minutes if you have the right tools. Hope this article can help you.