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Works amazing. Hit all the right spots in my wife. First night we got it. We used it as foreplay and she came multiple times in a very short amount of time. We put it inside her while she straddled my thigh. I would press my thigh up into her and it worked amazing. We have played with a lot of vibrators and this is by far the best.

We have used a lot of vibrators and this is the bestLogan N.

This was a bit small so I was skeptical that it would “do the job”.

However, there are so many settings and that was even before we turned the vibration on which really sent me over the edge!

My partner enjoyed the control and my enthusiastic responses, so it became a surprisingly fun ....


Small but mighty and lots of FUN!!leah

My partner was able to please me from across the country and I loved every second of it 🥰.The perfect starting vibrator. I’m one to have a few in my collection, but this one gives you a bit of everything you need. The app is also great! There are so many options for either you or your partner. LIVINGGGG for this vibe.

Everything you need all in one!Shelley