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Position of the Week: Face Off

Position of the Week: Face Off

Feb 23, 2024

cheng cuiping

A superb position for flirting while you masturbate, Face Off allows you to intensely gaze into your partner's eyes and talk your dirtiest talk, while you rub, stroke or tease yourself to orgasm. You can of course give them a helping hand to get to that special place if you're of the one-handed strummer variety.


You and your partner lie on a bed or on the floor and face each other, maintaining direct eye contact as you masturbate yourselves.


This incredibly intimate position lets you show your lover how you like to touch yourself, especially as masturbation is something which is often done in privacy. As you teach your lover how and where you like to be touched visually, you can also heighten the sexual tension by telling them what you're doing, how it feels, and what you would like to do with them post-masturbation. The build-up from the anticipation can be truly explosive.


There are no rules about keeping it purely as a self-pleasuring session. If you have a free hand, you can try letting it roam to your partner's body to enhance their pleasure with a little teasing of their top sensitive spots.

Make it easier

If you or your partner uses a mobility aid, this seated position is perfect for you, particularly if you have difficulties with balance or standing for too long. Just ensure you have plenty of lubricant within reach and if you are lying on a bed, consider having extra pillows on hand if you need more support.

Make it even better

A wand massager makes an exciting addition to your play and can be swapped between each partner for self-pleasuring or to reach your partner's external or internal arousal areas.

You can also add some oral delight into the mix with a clitoral suction vibrator or vibrating stroker to your own self-pleasuring repertoire or as an aid to your partner's.